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Choc-Hazelnut Macro Fugde

Choc-Hazelnut Macro Fugde

This is probably the BEST macro FUDGE recipe you will find..


  • 250 mL water 
  • 150g Cocoa butter ( you can use coconut oil however you will taste it)
  • 75g polydextrose 
  • 75g Fit No Sugar 
  • 250g Hazelnut Butter
  • 175g Botanika Blends Cacao Hazelnut Vegan Protein Powder 
  • 2g Salt 
  • 1g vanilla


  1. Heat over medium heat water, fit no sugar, cocoa butter and polydextrose
  2. When fully dissolved and homogenous remove from heat 
  3. In a mixer ( e.g. kenwood, kitchen aid, us the folding tool and fold in the protein powder, and hazelnut butter, salt and vanilla.
  4. Remove mixture and pour into lined pan, silicon molds and put in the fridge or freezer to set. 
  5. Best enjoyed at room temperature. 


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