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The Product Development

The Product Development

If you are like us and #Sugar is hindering the progress in your weight loss #goals than this is a #GameChanger. During the product development of @fitlato Indi and Jane trailed and tested nearly every polyol on the market. Polyols are a group of sugar alcohols all with varying sweetness and caloric contribution mostly  derived from nature. During development we read what others had done, what other were using, and talked about what we thought we could improve. In addition we also had many meetings with food scientists and nutritionists to find the best from around the world, combining them to create the taste explosion that is fit-lato, using only natural polyols making it #Naturallysweet.

The polyols sometimes get a bad wrap for aggravating the gut which they can. However they also carry a large number of health benefits ( e.g. don't spike insulin, fight dental caries, are lower in calories, improve gut motility). The other crucial factor in the development of our product was to ensure we meet the nutritional goals, while managing the negative polyol effects yet have the best taste and texture possible.

After all our research we settled on a combination erythritol, xylitol, vegetable glycerol and natural stevia leaf. We use erythritol in the largest amount as it has the least effect on gut irritation ( also in @remedydrinks kombucha ) and is the lowest in calories 0.2kcal/g , followed by xylitol 3kcal/g then only the tiniest amount of stevia 0kcal/g as it is disgusting any higher than like 0.25g /kg. We had to add vegetable glycerol after long debate because it is the has the highest antifreeze (it works really well as a humiticant and powerful antifreeze) , a drop helped to improve texture and provide a warming affect in the pallet ( as the other polyols can have a cooling effect).

The combination and at the recommended serving size was all taken into strong scrutiny when formulating @fitlato and making the nutritional panel.We also had 2 choices for suitable fibres/ fillers. All gelato or icecream needs a filler, otherwise it will just be a hard icy mess which you cannot scoop or enjoy ( let's face it what's the point if not enjoyable). After conflicting evidence from 2 of the largest food technology companies in the world we settled on polydextrose over inulin (stated on some labels as prebiotic fibre). Both companies were stating their product had the lowest incidence of laxative effects however during testing both we found polydextrose had the least ( please do not take this as gospel as it was not a clinical trial, just our observation).

Finally our best find was our fit-flax. Our fit-flax is flaxseed membrane which enabled us to remove all gums, no xanthan gum, guar gum, locust bean, carrageenan. The best part is that is is so powerful the dosage is so small, it's all natural and vegan. So over the past year we have been testing, week in week out, asking our customers for feedback. Talking to the best in the food industry to get a product on the shelf we can be truly proud of. We are in the process of packaging our no-sugar blend and our fit-flax as we have been able to transfer the use of these products into the kitchen and my baked goods are coming out amazingly. If you love sugar free, naturally sweet baking we can help you. 

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