About Us

Pharmasist + health and fitness professional= High quality macro friendly Gelato

As a young child Jane ( @sweetfitpharmacist ) was a " sweet tooth " . Growing up also with a keen interest in sport (representing Australia) it was certain that the sweet tooth needed a #CapOnIt . ​

After her sporting career ended, Jane perused a career in personal training, followed by pharmacy. The sport ended but the sweet tooth stayed. ​

With a clear understanding that #sugar was the fat belly devil. Jane knew #sugarfree was the answer to curb her sweet cravings.

 Fitlato was born....

A young budding pharmacist, with a keen interest in sports and sweets meets a genius engineer. It was love at first sight. Jane and Indi meet in 2014, and they both had a strong passion for business and food. They quit their jobs and Ciao Gelato was born.

After 2 years of making some of Brisbane's most delicious gelato, Jane pushed Indi to get that brain working on a #sugarfree protein blend they could call their own.

#FitLato was born.

It took a whole year of trials, testing and getting a lot of customer feedback for Jane and Indi to settle on a recipe that they could be truly proud of.

At the home of fit-lato in Nundah you can try up to 13 different flavours, both diary (whey protein concentrate) based and 3 vegan (coconut cream and pea protein) based, however you can also get your mittens on 5 flavours in stockists throughout Queensland.

Did we mention that Fit-Lato uses no Artificial Sweeteners?!